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Some critical UI bugs with Wordpress 6.5

Hello, got some bugs with UIPress. First, it's impossible to see any templates in UI builder because I only see my posts list (from the blog), which break everything. I use GeneratePress and Wordpress 6.5. Is it a UIPress known bug or is it affect only specific installations ? How can we fix it ?Secondly, for every template, when I go to the front end of my website, there is a UI bug with UIPress. There is a broke "header" shows on the page with some elements of the admin interface which mustn't be here. It represent 30 to 40% of the page. It's also impossible to use it because some content is hidden by this ui bug. The advanced options "Load frontend outside frame", "Disable uipress on pages" or "Enter fullscreen on pages" won't work properly and breaking more pages on front-end.Do you hear something about that ?Thank's.

alexistrn 2 months ago


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