WPCLI Support

Add the ability to register and activate the plugin for a site using wp-cli.

The use-case for this is when we deploy sites automatically, copying from a template site into a customer production site.  That workflow tends to be done via command line and we use wp-cli to configure the new site.  But the missing link is the licensing – right now we would have to manually log into the site to register it and activate the license.


Some plugins allow us to use our account user id and passwords so we can use on the wp-cli command line like this:


wp ithemes-licensing activate ithemes-security-pro --ithemes-user=$solidwp_user_id --ithemes-pass=$solidwp_password


In this example we activating a security plugin and passing in our account user id and password.  This registers the plugin and assigns a license key if necessary.


A nice to have would be an import command – we can export a configuration file and then pass that file name or url into a wp-cli command to configure uipress.

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