Conflict with Formidable Forms (Pro?)

posted on the WP repository, as well:

WP 6.3.2; UiPress lite 3.3.094; Formidable Forms (& Pro) 6.7

Just ran into an issue where clicking “Use Template” on any template from the Formidable Forms template library is wiping the admin UI and returning the text of a data object instead of redirecting to the prepopulated form editor. The links from hovering the buttons look like:<access-key>&Expires=<expiration>&Signature=<signed-id>

Deactivating the UiPress admin template allows this functionality to work as expected. This also doesn’t affect creating a new blank form—it’s only happening when trying to call the data from that Formidable S3 URL while UiPress is active.

Also, most importantly to narrowing down the source of the issue, the form is created from the template—the redirect is what’s broken. I’m still able to go back to the Formidable dashboard and see the newly created form in the forms list and open the editor from there. So this isn’t a Formidable problem. UiPress is treating the button like a simple link, perhaps interfering with the event listener being applied to it.

Let me know if you need more info.

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3 months ago


Jon Christoffersen

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