Facing Five new Bugs in new UiPress updates

I am facing five new bugs in new UiPress updates released on October 31, 2023. I am not sure if it is because of UiPress lite or pro. However, these are the following bugs:

1. Unable to edit and apply custom IDs to UiPress pro elements.

2. Unable to apply custom Google fonts. Please refer to the attached screenshots https://paste.pics/PS8SS, https://paste.pics/PS8T8

3. Custom css and js codes are not getting saved. While adding the custom css: https://paste.pics/PS8UI. After saving the code, opened the editor again and neither it saved the code nor applied it: https://paste.pics/PS8XT

4. Unable to find any feature to add HTML or HEAD code which was there in previous versions.

5. Conditional logic conditions are not enough to cover all custom wordpress scenarios. Please increase them as per the basic requirements. You can refer from the example of visibility conditional logic of elementor or beaver builder.

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About 1 month ago


Aryan Shakya

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