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I am building a SAAS service based on wordpress multisite. Uipress is perfect for tailoring the admin UI for my customers. Everything is managed with WP Ultimo.

However, I would like to be able to obscure my website as much as possible, not telling the customers that it is WordPress based. There are many reasons for this, security by obscurity, for instance. But mostly because I hide quite a lot of the standard wordpress and plugin features for the service. It is not supposed to be used as a wordpress installation with all its customization possibilities, but as a tailored, streamlined service for a very specific use, with all the bloat removed.

Therefore, I need to hide standard wordpress paths, classes, and more. For this I have been using Hide My WP Ghost. It worked beautifully until I started implementing UIpress. It seems that Uipress assumes and hard codes links, etc, to wordpress default.

I really need to be able to hide/rename these things, so please implement support for link/class/naming aliases.


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12 days ago



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