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One major pain point of a complex wordpress site are the admin menus. It's the wild west out there. Everyone just dumps their things into the admin menu. Some Plugins (such as UI Press) put their menu items under settings, other under tools, other create their own admin menu items with some ugly icons.

This mess needs to be controlled better for a better experience.

What I imagine is a way we can break up the admin menu, and allow the menu editor to create multiple menus, where these items can be placed.

For example, user options (stuff that is under the users menu) could go as a menu that opens when you click on the user avatar.

Site options can go in another section, or menu that does not clutter the admin bar.

Anything that relates to content (Posts, Pages etc) can go into another menu. Note. (While the content navigator could be a good candidate for this, it ignores taxonomies, which are useful when working with content.

I love how UI Press has started to fix the mess Wordpress and the various developers have created, and I think this would allow us to really take control of our WP based experience for good.

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Adrian Taropa

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